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    An Introduction

    Hello Readers!

    My name is David, and I will be the curator of this new experiment I’m calling The Modern Man. Just for starters, I should say that anything that I write is only my opinion, and shouldn’t really be taken too seriously. I’m making this to offer suggestions, as I’ve had people in my personal life come to me for advice on some of the topics I’ll be writing on, and I thought this would be a good way to keep a record and share it on a larger level. You’re more than welcome to disagree with me, and feel free to submit rebuttals or alternatives, I’ll gladly look them over and publish them!

     Anyway, here’s the deal:

    I’m 21 years old, and for quite some years I’ve had an interest in style; what looks good and what doesn’t and how to shop for your specific body type. Part of this blog will be dedicated to that; finding and maintaining your style. Whether you’re a fan of the shirt and tie or a comfy t-shirt and a worn in pair of jeans, we’ll offer you a variety of suggestions, not only of what to buy, but how to buy smart and not break the bank doing it. We’ll also offer handy tips, like the appropriate times for a pocket square and what draws the line in the world of “mandals”.

    Style is more than just clothes, but it also falls into the world of personal hygiene. As a recent adopter of barber shop culture, we’ll also be offering alternatives to the expensive over the counter razors, the best tips for shaving, cleaning, and styling your hair and yourself, and also highlighting barber shops in the New York City/ North Jersey metropolitan area, and offering our opinions.

    Trying to handle the “real world” and finances and all that stuff you’ve tried to forget about? Well look no further, as we will chronicle our own journeys into adulthood, and give the best advice we can on how to avoid making mistakes.

    To avoid making this any longer, we’ll also be offering articles on cooking food, staying physically active, video games, socializing and bar etiquette, and, of course, what to do on dates and how to get a date to begin with. Expect articles and editorials from different men with different views, and expect once this site gets up and running a special column for Trans men as well, and some articles for women and from women as well, because the modern man isn’t complete without knowledge of the female mind.

    In the meantime while we get things up and running, be patient, enjoy life, and get ready as The Modern Man comes to life.

    Until Next Time,


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  1. Who Am I?


    The Modern Man

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen! My name is David, and here you can find anything you might need to become, in this author's eyes, a modern man. Whether it's finding the materials to a perfect shave, the right shirt and tie combination, or simple conventions of courtesy, you'll find it here! Expect editorials as well from me and other men and even some ladies, to keep things fair. Welcome to the world of The Modern Man, enjoy your stay.

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